Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gardner's daughter

The very first ancestor my grandfather ever talked about was Gardner Luck.  Gardner Luck (abt. 1825-1835) is my great great great grandfather.  According to the oral history my grandfather told me, Old Man Gardner as he was called was a very strong man. So strong that he could knock the bark from a tree with his bare fist.  Little is known about Gardner and his wife Paulina.  After interviewing two of my grandfathers first cousins, Louise Luck Wilson and Geneva Luck Osborne, it was said that Gardner had four brothers.  Of the four brothers I know of John, Phillip, and Charles.  None of this is documented, well at least I haven't found it yet.  Gardner shows up in the 1870 and 1880 census.  Since researching I have researched families for all of Gardner's offspring.  Its thousands of us.  I was going through my high school yearbook and on every page I could point out a descendent of Gardner Luck.  Amazing isn't it?  I only know of one Luck plantation that is supposedly close by the Terry plantation in Halifax County, VA.  Whats so crazy is that I have researched other sides of my family back to the plantations they come from.  I have been working on Gardner Luck the longest and only know about Gardner.  In my heart I know there is a story there, one that needs to be told. Signed, Gardner's daughter~


  1. I love your stories ... not only are you a genealogist but an excellent story teller. I would love to have met your grandfather. Keep it up!!!

  2. Mary Jewell is right, you are an excellent writer & story teller. Have you delved into the probate records of the Luck Plantation yet? If yes, what does the probated will, estate inventories say? If you have not, that should be the next thing that you do. As you locate those records explore them thoroughly and don't forget to post them and your findings. I would love to learn what you find out. Great post!